OK, since I haven’t done any blogging before, this will be quite an experiment. Presently I am in Oaxaca city, Mexico, after having spent about a month and a half at the beach in Puerto Escondido on the Pacific coast. Anyway, more on that stuff later.

Once I figure out how to use this, I’ll get into more serious blogging.  But let me start at sort of the beginning. There really is no initial beginning or final ending on this journey through existence, but this past July, 2018, I turned 75,  sold my dream home, furniture, car, Harley Davidson motorcycle and put what little I had left in a 5’x5′ storage unit, mostly art and music stuff.  And decided to travel the world indefinitely.  No goal. No destination. Just go and see what develops.  I am not married, have two lovely daughters and 3 unbeatable grandchildren who are in the process of leaving the nest.  I’m very grateful for excellent health and strength and with my love for travel over the years, I couldn’t quite reconcile myself to living out the rest of my life continuing a much enjoyed and reduced psychotherapy practice when the larger world was waiting.  I think the world has always called me.  The allure of the world…to explore, to investigate, to discover, to ask questions without actually wanting answers.

So I suspect this blog will contain a few different kinds of entries.  Some of the entries will probably take me down the rabbit hole of existentialism, the questions of life, living, dying, other dimensions.  again don’t need the answers but simply the fearless joy of the questions.

Everyone has a story, and as I meet new, different and interesting people, wealthy, sophisticated, poor, beaten down, homeless folks who live and sleep on the streets, I hope to be able to share some of these experiences and teachers.  So there will be stories of some of those I encounter.

There will likely be information shared of the teachers that come through different cultures, foods, customs, histories, etc.

One of the beauties of travel is that everything is a teacher.  We turn a corner and there we are in the form of prejudices, judgments, criticisms, for example.  Usually expressed within our minds.  They are each a teacher and a part of our waking up process if we open ourselves to walking mindfully with a little introspection, hopefully not being critical of ourselves either, but just being aware and taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions at that time.  Its a great practice. And the learning never stops.

Those of you who follow this blog, I invite your thoughts, comments and questions, either about something I’ve said or perhaps overlooked.   Don’t hesitate.


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5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I’m looking forward to reading about your travels and encounters with the world.


    1. your thoughts will be appreciated….


  2. This can only be interesting! I’m in.


    1. we’ll see, but thanks for your interest


  3. You know me, I always want MORE. I look forward to reading about your adventures and to hear the questions you are living.


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